UPVC double glazed windows
Energy Rated Windows
Obscure / Textured glass

UPVC double glazed windows

We offer a comprehensive range of double glazing in a variety of styles (including sash windows), colours, finishes for you to choose from to give your home the individually tailored look you want. All our UPVC double glazed windows are energy efficient, provide increased security, reduce the effect of external noise and require little or no maintenance.

We are ASSURE registered which means that we comply with the current building regulations aimed at improving thermal performance

All our double glazed upvc windows are made to measure and thoroughly quality checked and carry manufacturer and glazing guarantees.

Our Window frames are available in the following colours, and many more, they can even be sprayed to any colour of your choice even in Farrow and Ball Colours.

  • White
  • Mahogany
  • Golden Oak
  • Cherry Wood
  • Steel Blue
  • Dark Green
  • Anthracite Grey
  • Black/Brown
  • Dark Red
  • Thumb Window3
  • Thumb Window4
  • Thumb Window5
  • Thumb Window6
  • Farrow & Ball

Security Guarantee

For your peace of mind we are proud to introduce the UK’s most extensive and comprehensive home security guarantee.

  • Savings on your home insurance costs – because you’ve chosen to fit windows and doors with the highest levels of security.
  • A free call out service to secure your property if you are broken into, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – no questions asked.
  • Up to £1000 to cover the excess on any home insurance claim due to the failure of one of our products.
  • Up to £1000 to cover the cost of replacing the door or window that’s been compromised.
  • A £1000 cheque to compensate you for the inconvenience of the break in.
Security windows and doors Guarantee

UNIQUE £3000 Security Gurantee


We use SGG PLANITHERM Total glass in all our frames, double glazing with SGG PLANITHERM is the best way to improve the energy efficiency of your windows and make your home more comfortable. The SGG PLANITHERM products are specifically designed to keep interiors more comfortable in winter months and improve the energy efficiency of your home.

SGG PLANITHERM total is a revolutionary high performance low emissivity glass, or “low E” glass and usually forms the inner pane of a window.

The SGG PLANITHERM Total Glass is an extremely versatile product suitable for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications including:

  • Windows and Skylights
  • Patio doors & French doors
  • Conservatories and sunrooms
  • Glass facades

SGG PLANITHERM Glass Performance

Double glazed units incorporating SGG PLANITHERM Total offer up to three times more insulation than standard double glazing and significantly better thermal insulation compared to hard coated low E products

  • Improved thermal insulation - reduces heat loss more effectively than traditional low-E coatings
  • Promotes passive solar heat gain - free heat from the sun passes easily through the glass helping to warm your home
  • Improved energy efficiency - reduced need for heating helps to save energy and protect the environment whilst saving you money on heating bills
  • More comfortable rooms - improved thermal insulation means fewer cold spots and drafts near windows and doors
  • Less condensation - the inner surface of the glass stays warmer reducing internal condensation and prolonging the life of your window


  • No unsightly tint - Unlike traditional low-E coatings that suffer from an unsightly yellow tint, SGG PLANITHERM looks very clear. This means your curtains or Georgian Bars will not look dirty or discoloured
  • More light - less tint also means more light can enter the room, making it more comfortable and luminous
  • No 'haze' effect - SGG PLANITHERM does not suffer from the unsightly haze effect.

Energy Rated Windows

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly more important in this world of rising fuel costs so it is important that you make the right decision when it comes to the energy ratings of your windows.

To enable customers to make the best choice the British Fenestration Rating Council (BRFC) have introduced a rating scheme where A is the most energy efficient and G is the least, these are similar to the ratings seen on white goods like washing machines and is there to help consumers to readily compare the energy efficiency of competing products using a recognisable mark/grade for everyone to understand.

2371 2372 Bfrc Logo Energy Saving Logo

We have achieved the A rating window energy rating (WER) on all the windows we manufacture. This is the highest industry rating available and we offer this as standard on all our UPVC casement windows.

Heat passes through the fabric of your home, and through your doors and windows. How quickly it passes through them depends on their thermal performance. Commonly referred to as U-value, it shows the resistance to the flow of heat from inside your home to the outside. Quite simply, the more a wall or window resists this flow of heat the lower its U-value.

  • A rating - The highest industry rating, and is our standard on all our UPVC casement windows
  • B rating - The standard that many window manufacturers supply
  • C rating - The recommended threshold for energy saving windows

Energy Saving Recommended

To enable customers to make the best choice the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC) have introduced a ratings scheme to assess how energy efficient windows are. In addition to the U-value, the rating also measures a window's air tightness and its ability to allow solar gain which will help you keep warmer in winter.

Obscure / Textured glass

For privacy, pure style or to allow more light into internal rooms, Pilkington Texture Glass gives you a fantastic range of attractive options.

  • Five levels of privacy are available, graded from 1 (least obscuration) to 5 (greatest obscuration)
  • All are suitable for double glazing
  • All are available toughened or laminated for safety and security

Obscure Glass 5Levels

The Pilkington range gives you no fewer than 18 different designs, together with our premium range of etched glass. From classic to contemporary, no one offers a bigger choice of original patterns.

Pilkington original design range

There are 12 original patterns in the main range, including exclusive designs by Oliver Heath of Blustin Heath Design, a regular on the BBC's Home Front and Changing Rooms series. you can view sample of the collection below by clicking on the images to enlarge them.

  • Contora

  • Oak

  • Charcoal

  • Digital

  • Florielle

  • Taffeta

  • Pelerine

  • Chantilly

  • Everglade

  • Mayflower

  • Minister

  • Warwick

Pilkington Oriel textured glass range

With a superb range of designs, together with diffused glass options for each design, this premium range of etched glass adds a touch of style and elegance to your home.

The collection generally offers a relatively low level of obscuration, letting your home benefit from the natural light enhancing properties of glass, while also adding a distinctive element of style. However this does mean that if privacy is an important consideration, you can view sample of the collection below by clicking on the images to enlarge them.

  • Cantebury

  • Laurel

  • Brocade

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